breast health movement #watchyourboobs

right on the money with Roche

New breast health movement #watchyourboobs

In Austria, around every 8th woman develops breast cancer during her lifetime. The importance of early detection is still underestimated. Roche, the global leader in cancer research, wants to change that with a campaign that inspires everyone to look after their health. The new health initiative #watchyourboobs is supposed to open eyes and attract attention. The aim is to remove taboos from breast cancer as a disease. The awareness campaign should take a positive and life-affirming effect – not an intimidating one, like many other breast cancer campaigns do.

#watchyourboobs: With the attention-grabbing key visual, Roche literally shows Austria what is so important – to look after your breasts. The awareness campaign reachesd people where they hang out today: online! Therefore, a social media campaign and the first Instagram filter that makes breasts flutter their eyes’ was implemented. The key visual reacts synchronously with eye movement via Spark AR technology.

And for those who are not currently online, Roche literally holds up a mirror in Austria’s trendiest bars and gyms, enabling everyone to become a boob ambassador themselves: All digital and special touchpoints lead to, the campaign hub where knowledge about breast cancer is conveyed and explained – in a positive and in a life-affirming manner. Thereby the chances of survival with breast cancer can continue to improve!

The Viennese trend location SNEAK IN becomes the #watchyourboobs-gallery when the campaign started: by pop-up-placing our campaign visuals and as an exclusive boutique where limited-edition “Boobschafter” shirts were available. To get one of the coveted t-shirts – whilst setting the message #watchyourboobs out to men and women – a social media solution (Pay-With-A-Instagram-Filter-Mechanic) was utilised.

The entire health initiative was accompanied by an integrated digital campaign penned by the creative team from Denner, Merlicek & Bergmann / DMB. The campaign hub and the broad measures leading to it, such as pre-rolls, contextual YouTube ads, social media campaigning and special ambient solutions were implemented in cooperation with Media1. The illustrations were created in collaboration with Vienna Drawing Ladies.