Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann


27 September 2017//Budgets
DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN wins further international account in Italy.

After announcing Monaco’s Port Authority and Hausbrandt coffee as new clients for the agency, D,M&B scores another international account: the agency won a pitch against agencies in Milan and Bolzano for the South Tyrolean apple brand ‘Marlene®’. Moving forward, D,M&B will be the lead agency and handle international communications for the company.


19 September 2017//Budgets
‘Care-taker with a Heart’ says ‘Thank you’

This marks another year where the initiative ‘Care-taker with a Heart’ raises awareness for Austria’s health care and nursing industry and says a big, loud ‘Thank you’ to all the people who work in the care-giving sector.


08 September 2017//Awards
Clio Awards: DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN with DARBO is Austria’s sole contribution in the finals.

As previously, when DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN was Austria’s sole agency scoring a silver-lion in Cannes, it is now Austria’s only agency that made it onto the shortlist of the Clio Awards with DARBO ‘Signed by bees’.


10 July 2017//Budgets
DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN launch new campaign for ‘That’s where I’m from!’ (Da komm ich her)

‘That’s where I’m from!’ stands for fresh fruits and vegetables from various regions of Austria. Anyone who selects a product from REWE’s store brand, chooses a product that was cultivated, harvested and packaged with lots of love. In one’s immediate vicinity, one could almost say from neighbor’s garden.


01 July 2017//Awards
New York Festivals and One Show 2017: DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN successful with BMW – again.

Double international recognition for BMW ‘Animal Detecting Billboards’.


14 June 2017//Press
VÖSLAUER: Wild chase with Lily James

Lily James is the new face of the latest Vöslauer campaign. The British actress, known from ‘Cinderella’, ‘Downtown Abbey’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and soon to be released ‘Baby Driver’, is replacing Sienna Miller as the Vöslauer testimonial.


31 May 2017//Press
WIFI and DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMAN create desire for continued education

New WIFI Campaign

Increasing ones’ possibilities, growing beyond oneself and setting new goals – that this is possible with the classes offered by WIFI  is shown in the new 360 degrees campaign from DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN.


31 May 2017//Press

Another international Budget Win:

Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 S.p.A, based in Nervesa della Battaglia near Treviso, has been producing premium coffee for 125 years and is selling it in 70 countries worldwide. 

DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN, an agency with longstanding experience in the coffee area, was invited by Hausbrandt to develop thoughts for an international repositioning of the brand. After intensive talks and workshops, Hausbrandt now contracted the agency with the implementation.


20 March 2017//Budgets
Fourth new business in 2017: DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN docks in Monaco

DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN reports a, for an Austrian agency rather unusual, budget win It’s the “Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire“ – the corporation that operates the three marinas of the Principality.


17 February 2017//Press
Your date with Fränz – DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN call a social-casting on Tinder

This Valentine’s Day, the advertising persona ‘Fränz’ showed his romantic side and sought his date for a MERKUR TV-spot.


16 February 2017//Press
Hattrick at New Business:WWTF and DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN push Vienna as a center for science

After winning the pitches for ‘WIFI’ and ‘ASFINAG’, DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN score a hat-trick with their latest client, WWTF.


31 January 2017//Press
DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN in search of Darbo’s golden treasure.

A young adventuress sets out into a mysterious forest to search for a legendary treasure. On her way, she receives unexpected help: The flowers of the forest guide her and show her the right path. In the end, the hardship of her strenuous journey is rewarded with sweet gold. 


18 January 2017//Press
MERKUR: Nobody buys as Clever as ‘Fränz’.

In the current DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN TV-spot, ‘Fränz’ impressively shows us that one doesn’t only get the largest selection when shopping at MERKUR, but always the best price as well.


11 January 2017//Budgets
Account acquisition: A comeback after years

After a multistage pitch presentation, DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN won back the account of the Economic Development Institute of the Economic Chamber (WIFI).


30 November 2016//Press
MERKUR: Erika has something for everyone

He tells a boy with sparkles in his eyes the story of Erika, who year after year, goes on her way to bring Christmas to the people, with her big sack full of delicacies…


21 October 2016//Awards
23rd Golden Drum Festival:

DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN scores big: 1x Grand Prix, 2x gold, 3x silver and 1x shortlist – most successful Austrian agency.


17 October 2016//Press
Run-off ballot December 4th: An outcry of Austrians living abroad

About 500,000 Austrians live abroad, that’s half a million people that could easily fill a tenth state. Considering the tight outcome of the first run-off, the group of Austrian’s abroad could bring the scales to tip on December 4th.


11 October 2016//Press

The latest campaign, for which Ja! Natürlich created an entirely new imagery, puts the spotlight on animal welfare.


21 September 2016//Press
Making shopping a pleasure for everyone: MERKUR develops market research program for kids!

In the latest TV-spot by DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN, ‘Fränz’ is once again on the lookout for friends – but this time he is looking for the smaller kind.


21 September 2016//Press
Stiegl and DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN toast to Stiegl’s new Columbus 1492.

With Columbus 1492, Stiegl launched Austria’s first pale ale, which is nationally listed with food retailers and available throughout Austria’s gastronomy.


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